No. 2 Wynnewood looking for revenge against No. 1 Wayne - - No One Gets You Closer

No. 2 Wynnewood looking for revenge against No. 1 Wayne


WYNNEWOOD, OK -- 54-0, 62-0, 58-0 and 84-8. Those are just a few scores from Wynnewood's perfect 2012 campaign so far.

They got a big contest against the No. 1 team in Class A Friday, and let us warn you, there's a storm comin' Mr. Wayne.

The glory days are back in Wynnewood.

"It's bring a lot of people back to what it used to be and the old traditions. It's really good to have this good kind of vibe and it's really crazy," said senior offensive and defensive lineman Khyon Turner. 

Read the sign: '49, '65, '87, '88, '91 and '92 followed by an ellipses. I'd say a '12 would look pretty 20 years later, wouldn't you?

The Savages are on a tear, winning seven straight by an average score of 56-7.

"We've been working really hard, got a lot of hype for this year, but we're trying to keep that out of our head and focus for the next game up. And just try to stay strong," said senior strong safety and tight end Derek Schafer.

That next game against top ranked Wayne is for the district title.

Last year it was Wayne sneaking a five point win and ultimately rolling on to a state championship. This time around. No pressure.

"It's really nothing different than any other week. We're just going to practice really hard and go out there and give it our best," said Turner.

It may be a road game, but they'll have help.

You know what they say, and if you don't by now, you'll find out Friday: Wynnewood fans travel well.

"We've had a lot of fans out at our field, a lot of fans going to away games. We've just created a lot of hype around here, but we're trying to keep it going with this win at Wayne," said Schafer.

Win or lose, they'll still have a shot in the playoffs, but what's sweeter than a perfect record? A perfect record that's putting their Class A squad on the map.

"Not even in Wynnewood. In Ada, all over Oklahoma they ask about us and how we're doing and it's really good. It's a good feeling," concluded Turner.