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Denison High Qualifies for Texas BEST


DENISON,TX---Three local high school robotics teams are getting ready for this year's Texas BEST state competition.

60 teams from Texas and New Mexico qualified for Texas BEST. Denison, Tom Bean and Anna High School are the local teams that have qualified.

Texas BEST is designed as a learning competition. It incorporates engineering, technology and science. Every September teams receive a box of parts that they use to build a robot. They have six weeks to build it and it has to be able to solve a problem.

Texas Instruments started the competition 20 years ago as a way to increase high school student's interest in engineering.

"Some of the engineers got together and decided that there was a need to increase interest in engineering jobs because there's just not that many engineers and over 20 years it has grown nationwide," said Denison High School teacher Mike Green.

The the competition runs November 9th through 10th at the University of Texas at Dallas. Admission and parking is free for anyone who would like to come.