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Semi Off Highway Stops Feet From Fast Food Restaurant


DURANT, OK -- A truck careened off a highway, crashing through a car and stopping just short of a busy restaurant.

Police say it is unclear why the truck driver went off the road around 9:45 a.m., but that he did mention something about taking cold medication before he was taken by helicopter to Plano for treatment for head injuries.

Witnesses say the truck was traveling southbound on Highway 69/75 when it suddenly went off the side of the road near the exit for Highway 70, heading straight for the busy roadway.

"It was crazy he just came off the highway, just veered right," says witness Betty Pair.

"I just heard a bunch of racket and didn't know what the heck was going on and I saw a bunch of debris flying," says witness Joshua Hatch.

Durant resident L.D. Littrell says he was out driving with his daughter when he saw the truck cross four lanes of traffic right in front of him. "When he come across the highway right there, he went airborne, hit that light up there and landed in that ditch," says Littrell.

"It struck the Welcome to Durant sign behind us, it struck the stoplight that you see, and went through two considerable size ditches," says Durant police Lt. Chris Marcy.

The truck came to rest a matter of yards from a gated outdoor playground area of McDonald's, and a car with a family and baby inside. Family members say they heard the loud crash and found some debris under the car, but were able to drive away without a scratch.

Witnesses say that after the truck left the roadway, it damaged the top part of the trunk of a car getting on to the on ramp to Highway 69/75. "She was just sitting in the car, she couldn't get out, the doors were jammed together and I finally got them open," says witness Dean Balentine.

Balentine, a car salesman at nearby Red River Ford, came running when he heard the loud crash and saw his son pointing frantically toward the highway. "He was saying, 18-wheeler, 18-wheeler, and then I look up on the highway and I see a lady's car, half of it's gone," says Balentine.

"He was just bouncing, he bounced the whole way, crashed through some trees, went through the street light right there," says witness Tyler Balentine.

Police say the woman in the car that was sheared on the on ramp declined treatment on scene but did go to the hospital to be checked out.