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Keep your pets safe on Halloween


Halloween can be lots of fun for people but it can be stressful, and sometimes even deadly for man's best friend.

"They can get freaked out by all the door knocking, they can also get scared of the people coming up in costumes," said dog trainer, Donna Francis.

That's why Dave Darilek says his buddy Duke will be staying in a separate room when all those trick or treaters come knocking on October 31st.

But there's something much more dangerous than the stress of costumed children knocking at the door.

Lots of Halloween candy can be dangerous for your pets, including dark chocolate, but there's one that vets say people usually don't suspect and that's something that comes in gum, it's an artificial flavor called xylitol and as you can see, it's something that dogs absolutely love and will try to eat.

"In general the smaller the dog, the less they're going to have to consume to get sick, just a stick of xylitol containing gum can cause a little yorkie or a small Chihuahua to get deathly ill," said veterinarian, David Tidwell.

And if you're one of those owners who likes to dress your furry buddy up, vets say to avoid costumes with small pieces, because those parts often look tasty to dogs and will cost you a trip to the vet.

As for Duke, Dave says he doesn't really get into the Halloween spirit.

"He's funny looking enough the way he is, he's like me we're going as is."