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Set Up of Holiday Light Begins Already


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- For some it may be way too early to be talking about Christmas, but some holiday displays need a lot of time to set up and be ready to go when the season arrives.

About a week ago, set up began at Loy Lake Park for the ever popular Christmas light display.

"We are still pulling them out of storage and laying them out; then once we get them all laid out, we start standing them up, tying them down," explains Chief Facility Manager, Gregg Allen.

After the displays are in place, they check every single light bulb to make sure it is burning brightly.

"There are thousands and thousands of bulbs we change each year," Allen says.

"I ordered 16,000 light bulbs this year for replacement bulbs to go out there so it's a pain staking process but its really nice when it gets all done," explains Jeff Schneider, Purchasing Agent of Grayson County, who is in charge of the display of lights.

And each year about 30, 000 people come out to see the display. Cars are bumper to bumper all the way around the park.

The large display is run on donations. Each year they bring in about $60,000 which helps them update the display each year.

"We've got 3 displays coming in that will be new. We have a soldier praying at a cross and the statue of liberty and then also a carousel," explains Schneider.

There could also be a little bit more space to better accommodate the displays.

"This year we are looking at maybe expanding the road where they are not so close together," says Allen.

And one other special note about the light display this year.

"We are planning this year to dedicate the holiday lights to veterans and our wounded warriors who are coming not just from current wars but past wars also," says Schneider.

For the past 11 years, the Christmas lights in Grayson County have been nothing short of amazing.

The 12th annual display expects to be no different.

"It's really popular. I think its one of the most popular events in the county," says Schneider.