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Cartwright Storm Causes Major Damage


CARTWRIGHT, OK--- Rhonda Nelson says last nights storm came unexpectedly.

"It didn't seem like it was that bad and my dad was sitting there next to the window and we heard this bam. It wasn't really loud or anything and next thing we know there's a tree next to the window," Nelson said.

After seeing the fallen tree, she opended her back door to see the damage. That's when she says she began to panic.

"I'm the one who freaked out. I told my dad he needs to move in case something else falls," Nelson said.  

"Rhonda come running out saying the tree had fallen and it frightened me to death. I grabbed my granddaughter and I held her to make sure nothing was going to happen," said Teresa Eaton, Nelson's neighbor.

The tree snapped in half, destroying her front porch and completely blocking off her front door. It hit her car and shattered one of the windows.

The damaged car is her only form of transportation. She relies on the car to take her sick father to his weekly doctor's appointments. Her boyfriend also uses it to drive to work.

Today the damage has left her with several questions.

"I'm wondering how I'm going to get things taken care. Who is responsible?" Nelson said.

Nelson says she is currently talking to her land lord and trying to figure out how to repair the damage from last night's storm.