Sooners Crush Texas In Third Straight Rivalry Win - - No One Gets You Closer

Sooners Crush Texas In Third Straight Rivalry Win


SHERMAN, TX -- Fans turned out to watch the game between Texas and OU, but many left disappointed at the outcome.

Oklahoma fans were feeling upbeat at Buffalo Wild Wings in Sherman, with a few shouts of "Boomer Sooner."

Meantime, with the Longhorns at 4-1, Texas fans had high hopes going into the game, but as they watched it unfold, they "It's not been good, Texas has not played our game the way we're usually used to playing," says Texas fan Chris Underwood.

"It's been a shutout, Oklahoma is number one, they deserve to win," says OU fan Clayton Hincks.

This was the Sooners' third win in a row, but in the history of the game, Texas is still on top with 59 wins compared to 43 wins for Oklahoma.

The final score had OU on top, 63-21. Some ABC Texoma viewers were upset when the ABC network switched to another game in the fourth quarter because of the lopsided nature of the contest.