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Denison Remembers President Eisenhower


The Denison community gathered to celebrate the life of one of it's very own and one of our past presidents.

Tomorrow is the birthday of America's thirty-fourth president Dwight Eisenhower.

Many men, women, and children gathered today to honor the past president and those that lost their lives while serving our country in various wars.

"Well mostly I grew up, World War two woke me up to the fact that I was grown, twenty-one, and passed times, but I found out I could do things that I would have hesitated to do had I not been forced to by the job that I was going in the army" said Billy Garner. 

As the National Anthem played, men and women stood at attention, some reflecting on the legacy of past President Dwight Eisenhower, others reflecting on their own experiences from war like Billy Garner who was reminded of world war two.

"I realized everyone was in the same situation, I realized I needed to get to work and do my part to win the war" remembered Billy Garner.

The posting of colors, songs played by a local school band, and speeches were all given to help honor Eisenhower's legacy.

"Well I guess you can say he was the brains, everything started with him and deciding what actions would be taken" says Garner.

As a war plane replica flew by in memory of President Eisenhower, many people stood by saluting. Billy was able to share personal experiences about the aircraft.

"That airplane that went over that's what we call a troop plane, a troop carry, and that type of plane is the one that brought supplies and weapons and move men and anything that needed to be carried in the air" said Garner.  

Today it is military jump teams that help us relive history from above.

This was such a beautiful ceremony today despite high winds, a lot of people showed up.