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Police Arrest Two People In Durant Store Scam


DURANT, OK -- An alleged quick change scam led to a quick trip to jail for two suspected thieves.

Police say the Texas duo stole hundreds of dollars from Wal-Mart cashiers each time they pulled their scam.  According to police, only surveillance cameras in the Durant store caught the two thieves as they allegedly fooled the cashiers, until the fourth try, when they got arrested.

"The money quickly changes hands over several times, and before the person working behind the cash register even knows it he's missing a large sum of money," says Lt. Chris Marcy.

Police pulled over Kenneth Turner, 49, of Whitehouse, Texas, and Lora Walker, 47, of Mesquite, TX, on Highway 70 near Wal-Mart after a store employee called asking for help.

"They're usually not from the area, they travel up and down the highways performing these scams, and thankfully with Wal-Mart's loss prevention, they were aware of these people and notified the police department," Marcy says.

Police say that on each of the three occasions they came to the Wal-Mart in August that the two thieves worked together, distracting the cashier, and making off with a total of nearly $2,000.

The duo allegedly confused cashiers by asking them to make different amounts of change while their cash drawers were open. In a hurry,  they would unintentionally end up handing over more change than necessary.

With the holidays approaching, police warn store employees to be extra watchful. "You just take your time, take your time and watch what you're doing and if they start talking just stop them and say let me finish this transaction first," says shoe store manager Michelle Vaughn.

"We mostly make sure we check everybody's ID when we accept checks and take debit cards and as far as cash goes we usually just use our markers and make sure it's not counterfeit and make sure the security strips are inside of them," says furniture store salesman Chase Coxsey.

Police were able to quickly apprehend the suspects in a nearby parking lot and they were taken to the Bryan County Jail where they were booked on charges of obtaining property by trick or deception.