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New Hotel To Be Built At Sherman Shopping Center


SHERMAN, TX -- City leaders hope plans for a new hotel at the Sherman Town Center will help spark economic growth.

Right now, there is no firm construction date for the Courtyard by Marriott, but officials with the Durant company that plans to build it say they are very serious about the project, and we spoke with the owner.

Durant resident Raj Patel says that as he helped cleaning rooms in his parents' Boulder Motel on Main Street back in high school, he thought he might never go into their business, until he bought two hotels of his own in Durant and Atoka.

"We started with two, twenty years ago, and just stayed after it, and worked with some great bankers and had some success in our operations, and here we are today," Patel says.

Patel says he now has 19 hotels and 500 employees and now he is planning for several more, including a Courtyard by Marriott on Loy Lake Road and Graham at the north end of Sherman Town Center.

"They've been invested in the Sherman community for quite some time, and they see a new opportunity in a different kind of class of hotel," says Sherman Economic Development Corp. president Scott Connell.

The owners say they have looked at demand factors for a hotel, like colleges, hospitals, and employers, and they believe there is room for another hotel along Highway 75.

"The difference is it's full service, that's the difference, so these hotels are considered limited service so they give the free breakfast and that's about it," says Patel.

On Thursday evening, Patel's Hampton Inn in Sherman held a reception to celebrate a recent makeover and Mayor Bill Magers came to congratulate them on the upgrade.

Patel says the four-story, 117-room hotel will have a 3,500-square-foot meeting room, restaurant and bar, and he is talking to city officials about a partnership.

"As we go the next few years, it will take a little while to be built, and by the time it gets open I'm sure there's going to be a demand for it," Connell says. "We're seeing growth in so many different areas in our market and particularly the lake activity."

Patel says his parents are gone now, but he imagines they would be amazed by the business. "I think they'd be really proud, and surprised probably," Patel says. "We've just had good fortune, and gone through a couple of recessions, but also some good periods and we survived."

The hotel would provide about 25 jobs once it is constructed, not far from J.C. Penney. Besides the Municipal Building, it would contain one of the largest meeting spaces in the area.