Grayson County Fair Livestock Competition - - No One Gets You Closer

Grayson County Fair Livestock Competition


Sherman,TX --- Mallory Cates is just one of several young competitors looking forward to being in tonight's livestock contests.

"I like it because I'm a senior and it's something that I can do outside of school. Even though I have a lot of work to do it's something that I can do everyday outside of school," Cates said.

Cates said she has always wanted to participate in shows, but didn't learn how to until high school. In high school she attended an agricultural class which gave her the skills and knowledge to compete. Since learning, she has participated in three shows a year.

"Last year I got fourth place at the big county competition and then I got champion last year for our local show," Cates said.

She said tonight's show is just practice for the big county show at the end of March.

"At the big county show you get money. You get to auction off your goat and you can get however much they want to spend on you. It's really cool," Cates said.

Ashlyn Wood will also be competing.

"I show lambs and this is my second year to do it. I do it because I really like it and my friend got me into it," said Wood.

Tonight Wood's will be showing her friend's lamb, Lamp Chop. She has been practicing with Lamb Chop for several days leading up to tonight's competition, but says it will all be worth it for a win.

"When you win you get a ribbon and you just feel really excited about it because you won and you got first place," said Wood.