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Students take pledge against bullying


ARDMORE, OK - October is National Bullying Prevention month. Schools and communities around the nation are raising awareness through activities and events.

Today students at Lincoln Elementary in Ardmore took a pledge against bullying. Students and teachers say bullying is not accepted at their school.

Students and teachers at Lincoln Elementary in Ardmore are happy their school is safe, but nationally they wish bullying would end.

"Bullying is hurting people through words or though physical movement, bullying is wrong because, it can actually really hurt that person" said  fifth grade student Madeline Valcasara.

Administrators say bullying is a major problem that can effect on students health and academic performance.

"Students who are bullied have physical problems, they come to school their tummies hurt, headaches, 160,000 students in the united states each year do not want to come to school because they are bullied or are afraid of be bullied" according to school counselor, Ms. Brenda Jagger.  

The school principal is excited her school is a zero tolerance zone for bullying and pledges to keep her school safe.


A bullying seminar will be held this Saturday at Grayson College in Denison.  The class will focus on identifying the signs of bullying and how to help families and children deal with the problem. The class will be in the Center for Workplace Learning.  It start's at 9AM and will go on until noon.  Admission is $25 dollars per person.

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