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Counterfeit Air Bags


DENISON, TX --- Drivers who have purchased new air bags in the last three years are being warned. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced yesterday that 0.1 percent of all U.S. bags may be counterfeit.

Most of the air bags are believed to come from China, but are marketed as the real deal. NHTSA testing shows that these air bags do not inflate properly, and some do not inflate at all. 

Over 20 car companies have vehicles that may be using these air bags. Consumers who recently purchased a used car that may have replacement bags or a car whose air bags were purchased online may also be at risk.

Cars that are possibly affected need to be brought into a dealership for further inspection. These inspections usually cost around $100 or more. The NHTSA has compiled a list of cars in which these bags may have been installed.

So far no deaths or injuries have resulted from these fake bags.