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Americans for Prosperity Stops in Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK -- The president's profile sits aside a speech bubble with the familiar quote, "you didn't build that," and highly publicized symbol- the empty chair- were on display as vehicles passed in Ardmore Tuesday.

It's all part of Americans for Prosperity's "Failing Agenda" tour. Spokesman Stuart Jolly listed examples of campaign goals from 2008.

"Cap and trade never came up for a vote. Card check where unions can intimidate you and understand how you're voting and everything- that was rejected. The only thing that passed was health care and that only passed because we want to wait and let you read it later," spokesman Jolly said.

Jolly says it is more about philosophy than political parties.

"If you concentrate on economic freedom, politics takes care of itself."

Supporters honked and waved as t-shirts and literature passed out. AFP says it's because they represent the largest portion of voters.

"The biggest reason is because President Obama is not listening to the overwhelming majority of Americans who don't believe in the big government. We don't believe big government is the answer."

Not everyone was happy to see the demonstration. We contacted several Democratic organizations who said they were "staying out of this one," but they believe the president is looking out of all Americans. AFP says the current administration's policies discourage success.

"I have made the right choices in my life and I am successful and I have made a little money. Now I must be punished. That's exactly what it feels like," Jolly said.