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New beer brewery opening in Sherman


SHERMAN, TX - Shiner, Texas is known for it's beer and one Texoma town may soon be known for the same.

There are all kinds of entrepreneurs, but one Sherman couple is turning a passionate hobby into a full time business. A beer business to be precise!

It started with a trip to a big brewery.

Sherman native, Jeremy Roberts, says that's when he knew, he had found his calling.

"I left the brewery and went out and bought all the home brew equipment that I could so that I could start brewing at my house, and just that passion of really getting into it and making my own beer, made me want to take it to the next level." Roberts said.

It's the American dream, turning your passion into the way you make your living.

And you could say Jeremy's story is heading in that direction.

After years of helping people straighten out their credit, he's now devoting his time to doing something he enjoys a whole lot more.

So we're getting ready to do what I'm told is one of the most important parts, or steps, which is putting the hops into the beer, and it actually smells really good and here we go.

After a few years of brewing beer at home, Jeremy and his wife Natalie are getting ready to open a brewery right here in Sherman.

"We're excited about it, we've got a lot of employees that are very excited as well, it's great for the local economy." said neighboring business manager, Jason Woodward.

903 Brewers is the name and they chose it to represent the area they're both from.

"It's not only ours but it's the communities and we want the people to feel that they can come to the brewery any time, and sample and taste our beers and obviously we need the 903 to help us to grow and be able to produce more beer." said Roberts.

They hope to open the Brewery off Highway 75 and Park by January.

They're also donating beer to Women Rock for the upcoming Bras for a Cause event, and they're hoping to make that beer pink!

903 Brewers has a free tasting coming up on October 20th at 1:00p.m.

To guarantee your spot, text "903" to 903-821-7000.

For more information on 903 Brewers visit