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A True Football Family


MADILL, OK - Many families consider their selves football families. Well, the Bond family takes that term to another level. The Bond brothers, Spencer, Paten and Samuel all play football. Spencer is at East Central University and Paten and Samuel are at Madill high school. They've been playing together their whole lives. But we can't forget about dad, Stewart Bond is the secondary and punters coach at Madill and he's coached all three of his sons.

"Its every father's dream to coach their kids, I have three great boys that are talented, and god given. Its a blessing every day to be with them and share their goals that they've set for themselves. And they're accomplishing them. Success comes and its enjoyable as a father to see all that," Coach Bond said.

" Its a great feeling knowing that he's supportive and he's your coach. So at the same time he's praising you and telling you what you need to do so it just becomes a better situation and you become a better player," Paten Bond said.

The sport of football has brought the Bonds closer than they ever thought it would.

"The three of us grew up playing in the yard together, so it just seems like every day, that's all we do is play football," Spencer Bond said.

" Its amazing, not everyone has a brother they can play with. You share the game. You always trust him more than another teammate because you've lived together all your life," Paten added.

The Bonds eat breathe and sleep football and they wouldn't have it any other way.

"We enjoy it. We go home and talk about things. Just being around each other, being available all the time. Its really neat and it draws us really close and that's just how its always been," Coach Bond said.