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9/11 memorial rolls into a Texoma town


HOWE, TX - The Howe Fire Department hosted a unique piece of 911 history that drove into town today.

The crew that manned the "Rescue 4" fire truck gave their lives on September 11th, and now retired fire fighters are making sure their memories live on by driving the memorial on wheels to different towns.

For Darrin Savage and his family, seeing a piece of  9/11 history up close and personal, is a bit of dream come true.

"We don't have the opportunity to go to New York so it's just nice to see a piece of it brought here."

And Darrin's wife, Amber, says it's all part of making sure her kids learn about that day, and why should never forget.

"I really wanted the kids to have the opportunity to see this, we actually recently had an event remembering 9/11, I wanted them to actually get to see the fire truck and get to see the people who respond everyday in our local neighborhoods." said Amber.

It's not often that history drives through town but today it, but today it parked itself right outside the Howe Fire Station and it drew a crowd of all ages.

"It's such an important part of our history." said Lana Rideout.

The entire crew of "Rescue 4" died on September 11th and now the truck serves as a mobile memorial.
On Monday it rolled into Howe, Texas for the volunteer fire fighters open house.

"It's a very humbling experience, when we went to Colorado to pick her up, when I first saw her, I almost didn't want to drive it back, I was ready to get a plane and fly it back, because you know if she could talk she'd have some stories." said fire fighter, Greg Fenn.

Stories that fire fighters like, Greg Fenn, intend to pass on.

"It's the equivalent of the traveling Vietnam wall, we use it for education. This vehicle was in service on 9/11 and the whole crew went there and none of them came home on 9/11, so we use it as remembrance."

Retired fire fighters bought the truck at an auction.
It's based out of Chicago, but The Allen Professional Firefighters Association is hosting it's first tour through Texas.