Caravan Of Cops Zips Through Grayson Co. - - No One Gets You Closer

Caravan Of Cops Zips Through Grayson Co.


TOM BEAN, TX -- A dozen police cars with lights and sirens zoomed around Grayson County, but there was no emergency.

Instead, officers were stopping in towns all around the county for Texoma Night Out on Saturday. The event organized by the Grayson County Sheriff's Office includes law enforcement officers from all around the county.

They started off in the morning at Grayson College where culinary students made a special breakfast, before making many other stops including the Denison Fall Festival.

"It's a time that the community can come out get to know their neighbors, know some of the people in town, meet the law enforcement agencies, and basically send a symbolic message to the criminals out there that they're not hiding behind their locked doors," says Lt. David Hawley.

Hawley says the Sheriff's Office has helped organize the event each year since 1998.