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Sadler Cemetery Repaired By Volunteers


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A cemetery near Sadler sat neglected and in disrepair, until some residents decided they needed to keep the memory of those who rest there alive by sprucing things up.

Across a small wood bridge on a gravel road sits Basing Springs Cemetery, and volunteers who feel unbreakable ties to this piece of land, were busy on Saturday.

Every year, Sadler native Susan Moody returns home and with the help of family and friends, she's made it a mission, to keep this place clean in honor of her ancestors.

"My parents are buried here, both sets of my mother's parents are buried here, her family, I've got ancestors here, a nephew, a niece," says Moody.

"My family is buried here, and I will be too," says Sadler resident Billy Miller. "I have two sets of great-grandparents here, and my grandparents, one set is here, and I have eight more spots."

On a cool fall day on Saturday, the next generations also walked this ground, thinking of those who came before.

"It was like a whole entity and then when the railroad moved in, everybody kind of migrated toward Sadler and then Basin Springs kind of died out," says Sadler resident Gayle Chance.

The volunteers know many of the names, but some of the gravestones are not marked. "We don't know who those belong to, we can kind of guess because of who they're near, of what family they're near, but we don't know if they were young, old," says Chance.

"I have two of my three daughters out here doing this, with their families and my grandkids are here and I've been pulling in everybody I can get hold of," says Moody.