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Grayson Co. Neighbors Upset After Pit Bull Kills Dog


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A man is angry after he says his neighbor's pit bulls attacked and killed his sheep dog.

Neighbors want something done about two dogs they say have taken free reign of their neighborhood off Hanna Drive near Grandpappy Point and killed one dog.

The owner says this wasn't a one time fight, but that the dogs from across the street, had repeatedly attacked the dog. They say they are scared about what will happen next.

"Their dogs kept coming out of the fence and attacking him and he had a big gash on one of his legs," says Hunter Adams.

Adams says that Freckles wandered off, and he and other neighbors say that the two dogs, at least one of which appears to them to be a pit bull, fought with and killed Freckles.

"These dogs just had it out for him, there had been several occasions where I'd come out my front door and they had been right here, pretty much where you're standing, and barking at me and I had to get my little pellet pistol C-2 and shoot em off," says Adams.

Neighbors say they have seen the two dogs running loose in the street many times, and now they want the owner to keep better control over his animals. "He said they're gentle and they won't hurt anybody," says neighbor Karen Glassco. "Well, yeah they will, and they did."

Neighbors called county Animal Control to check things out, but the dogs were not around on Friday morning.  However, neighbors say in the past they have seen them jump over fences, and that they have witnessed Freckles being attacked before.

"The dog was just standing there, and next thing you know, both of them were on top of it, the man even stopped them, he was going down the road, and he stopped and honked the horn at them," says neighbor Mary Harralson.

One neighbor tells us that her animals have not been hurt, but she has seen the dogs in her yard. "Hasn't hurt my dogs, hasn't caused any trouble so far," says neighbor Larisa Boston.

However the dogs' behavior has others worried every time they go for a walk. "They need to chain them up or find out why they've become so aggressive, because they didn't used to be," says Glassco.

A neighbor removed the dead dog from the street. No one answered the door at the pit bull owner's house on Friday morning and an animal control officer left a note on the front door.