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Sherman Apartment Fire Damage Frustrates Resident


SHERMAN, TX -- A woman whose apartment was damaged by fire recovered some of her belongings after a week of frustration of not being let in to her apartment.

Racheal Rohde says that her building at Hunnington Apartments is off limits, and when she asked to speak with the owner, the manager would not give her the name. Rohde says she lived across a breezeway from the worst of the damage in Building 5. 

On Thursday afternoon, after speaking with KTEN, Rohde says that the cleanup crews working on the building helped her get some of her items back.

A neighbor's apartment caught fire last Tuesday at the complex on West Taylor Street. "My cell phone, my laptop, I was renting a washer and dryer that might possibly be okay in there, there's other things, my whole life was in that apartment, that was my very first apartment," says Rohde.

Rohde says her phone was inside charging and that she went to a meeting the day after the fire and was told she cannot look inside.

"I was told by the property manager that everything in my building this building right here was considered a complete loss and everything was gone, there was nothing in there to even salvage, and we would never be allowed back in there," Rohde says.

Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones says that they have turned the scene over to the apartment complex, where workers were busy on Thursday cleaning out all the units that burned in the fire.

"They really just started today, cleaning out the stuff, but luckily my apartment is upwind from that so I really don't get the smoke smell," says complex resident Jack Van Kirk.

We spoke with a manager at the complex, but she says that they have no comment. Rohde says they offered her security deposit back, and would get her into another apartment by November. But her friend says she called and was told apartments are available on October 12.

"I had a house fire a long time ago and we were completely helped out by anybody and everybody that we turned to, and her apartment complex won't even help her, that's just sad," says Rohde's friend Lacy Staub.

"I don't appreciate being lied to and told that my things were gone and they're really not and they're sitting up there in the apartment," Rohde says.

Rohde says she is currently staying back home in Bonham and she does not have renters' insurance. She says the computer did not work after the fire, but she is glad to get other belongings.