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Two Days Left Until Battle of the Axe


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Just two nights remain until one of the biggest local high school football games of the season, and students in both Sherman and Denison are hungry for victory.

Students have been making signs supporting their team, and wearing different colors, and they are also doing something to help their community by participating in a can drive.

Students in Denison have been bringing cans to school for a Battle of the Axe food drive. In Denison, they will go to the Helping Hands Pantry.

"They give you some eggs and canned goods, just to keep you going until you can get the money to do it," says Denison resident Tammy Barton.

"Usually we receive anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 items, and that's a tremendous help because we're feeding over 300 families each month," says pantry director Tammie Overturf.

Sherman collected the most cans last year after extending the drive outside of just the high school. Now, class by class, they are working on a repeat to benefit the Salvation Army.

"Last year, we decided to include everybody and we got a huge amount, over 11,000 cans," says Sherman student body president Cia Arias.

The winner will be announced right before the game which is on Friday. "The atmosphere that night is just incredible. We all go out there, and we're excited, and we want our team to do well," says Denison student Ben Ried.

"The feel of the game itself, it's like any other football game, but it's a rivalry, so it makes it even better," says Sherman student Elsa Sulejman.

Sherman wants to keep hold of the axe, dreamt up more than 60 years ago by the owner of a Denison ice cream parlor who wanted both sides in a fierce rivalry to bury the hatchet and play with good sportsmanship.

"It's the exact same ax that they have had since it was made in 1949, it's the original blade the original handle, they have just added a blade to it," says Sherman teacher Pam Howeth.

Meantime, Denison students are hoping home turf at Munson Stadium will help propel them to their first win of the season.

"It's one last chance for us to go out on our field and defend our territory against Sherman," says Denison student council president Katie Burkhead.

Cans will be accepted again on Thursday at both schools, before students round them all up to drop off at the food pantries. Tickets are already on sale for the game.