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Police say an employee stole the ring off a nursing home patient's finger


DURANT, OK - An alarming phone call from a nursing home in Durant led a woman to a shocking discovery. Her aunt's ring was stolen right off her hand by people in charge of taking care of her.

Police say the 101 year old woman was victimized while she was asleep or unconscious in her bed.

The woman's family says she was robbed of more than just her possessions. She had her sense of security stolen from her too.

Sherry Hudson says while her elderly aunt Elsie may not always be alert, she was sharp enough to know when someone took her ring right off her finger.

"So I asked her and she told me she said, 'I don't remember her name, but she took it, she said she wanted to try it on, she took it off of me.'" Hudson said.

Hudson's 101 year old Aunt Elsie Cobb has been staying at the Four Season's Nursing Home in Durant for more than a year.

Hudson says she goes to see her aunt almost every day, and there's never been any problems.

That is until she got a phone call that led to some shocking discoveries.

"So I came out here that morning and both wrists were wrapped and that didn't look right to me and when we started checking it looked as though somebody had restrained her and then I noticed her rings were missing and so I immediately started asking." said Hudson.

Elsie's ring that was given to her by husband was gone. Hudson says knew something was up since her aunt never took it off.

So Hudson started asking questions.

Questions that no one at the nursing home could answer, so they called police.

"A lot of these cases sometimes don't turn out this way, it's hard to recover jewelry, sometimes it gets passed around, it gets traded unfortunately for narcotic and things of that nature. This is a good case." said Lieutenant Chris Marcy of the Durant Police Department.

After questioning all the nurses on duty and studying surveillance video, investigators say they figured out that 2 employees were involved in the theft. They tracked the ring down to a pawn shop in Durant.

"I was upset because I don't know that the rings were worth a whole lot of money but they are very special to her and to me because of the sentimental value so that was my biggest concern and the fact that they hurt her taking them off." Hudson said.

Hudson says she's happy to have the ring back, but heartbroken she can't feel safe to put it back on her aunt's finger.

We called the Four Season's Nursing Home today to ask some questions, including what their policy is on background checks for employees, but they wouldn't give us a comment.