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Grayson County Burn Ban Expires


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The burn ban in will expire at midnight Wednesday morning even though commissioners have not agreed to cancel it.

4 of 5 commissioners in Grayson County voted this morning and it was tie.

Grayson County uses the Keetch-Byram drought index to gauge when to put a burn ban in place.

"Commissioners court considers the burn ban any time the Keetch-Bryam drought index is over 600. They have had a burn ban on every week except one since July 24th," explains Sara Somers, the Emergency Manager for Grayson County.

Tuesday morning the index was 621, just above the mark for a recommended burn ban.

Jackie Crisp, Commissioner from Precinct 3, voted to renew the burn ban.

"The County Fire Marshall recommended the burn ban stay in effect, I figure he knows a lot more about the burn conditions that I do so I voted for extending the burn ban another week," says Crisp.

Precinct 2 Commissioner David Whitlock voted to let the burn ban expire.

"With the moisture we had this past weekend, the grass has greened up ... And a lot of people need to burn waste right now," explains Whitlock.

Since the burn ban has been in place every week but one since July 24th, some people in Grayson County are growing eager to burn their waste.

"So we have a lot of residents who have a lot of solid waste material from cutting down trees, debris they need to burn so they have been getting quite a bit of pressure so the vote was not enough to continue or renew the burn ban," explains Somers.

Tuesday's split vote by the 4 commissioners present allowed the burn ban to lapse. Judge Drue Bynum was not at the meeting.

"Just because there's not a burn ban doesn't mean you can burn anything any time any where. And if you need guidance about what the law says, theres a copy out on the grayson county website and they should also feel free to call our Grayson County Fire Marshall's office," explains Somers.