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Sherman and Denison talk about Battle of the Ax importance


Grayson Co., TX-- This Friday Texoma will see its 114th Battle of the Ax between Sherman and Denison. Of course, it's the longest running rivalry in Texas high school football, and any one who's been in the area knows exactly what that entails.

These teams have met at least 96 times before any of the current Jackets and Bearcats even knew what a football was.

But most of them grew up learning of the game's larger than life intensity and importance to its communities.

Not a single player on coach Gary Kinne's nor coach Chad Rogers squad doesn't understand the significance of the Ax.

"Records don't count, like always when it comes to Denison. It's not even something like you say aw again, it's always fun. I haven't lost to Denison since my eight grade year," said Sherman senior linebacker Kahlee Woods.

"I've been preparing for this night, Friday night for a long time. Because since I've been a sophomore, I've played but I've never got the Ax, I mean I lost it, but I never got it back. So I'm hoping to get it my senior year," said Denison senior defensive back R.J. Polk.

Sherman has won 58 of the meetings, Denison 36, they've tied twice, and the Bearcats have won the latest two meetings.