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Survivors promote domestic violence awareness


DURANT, OK - Everyday in the U.S., more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. It's a shocking statistic and that's why people gathered at market square in durant tonight to shed some light on a very dark topic.

When Nicole Loper looks at old pictures of herself, a lot of bad memories come flooding back.

"I was so broke down, and so brain washed and just had no self value and no self worth." said Loper.

She met her first husband when she was just 18 years old, and just nine months into the relationship a dangerous pattern started.

"He slammed my head into the floor. He said he was sorry, and all the typical things, so I stayed, I didn't know the warning signs of abuse." Loper said.

Over the next 12 years Loper says she endured a lot of injuries at the hands of her then husband, including a broken jaw, but when she saw her young son starting to show signs of abuse towards his sisters, she decided to break the pattern.

Her husband held a gun to her head and nearly killed her, but Loper was luckily able to escape the abuse.

"I was able to file for a protective order, and he continued to stalk me after that, but I was able to build a support system." Loper said.

Tara Woodlee's daugther, Ashleigh Lindsey, wasn't that lucky.

Authorities say Lindsey was killed by her estranged boyfriend just 2 months ago.

"Ashleigh didn't get so lucky, there's so many women who don't get so lucky, the men in their lives won't let them go."

Woodlee says while the loss of her daughter is still very fresh, she hopes telling Ashleigh's story will save another girl from the same fate.

And you might notice down town Durant lit up with purple lights throughout the rest of month.

Those lights are part of a special benefit to raise money and awareness for the crisis center.

For more information on how you can participate call the Durant Crisis Control Center at