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Curbside Recycling A Possibility for Denison


DENISON, TX -- Recycling has never been easy for Denison residents, but that may soon be changing. The city council met Monday night to discuss the possibility of curbside recycling.

People we talked to in Texoma say curbside recycling would make it easier for their families to recycle.

"I think we ought to do it .. My kids live in Seattle and they have all that and its just great," says Evelyn McGirk who wants to recycle.

In Denison the City Council has two options that could help: either a weekly collection of recycled items or a bi-weekly collection.

City officials are considering two different private recycling programs.

"If we went with the weekly collection Waste Management had the better price. If we go every other week ISI had the better price," says Robert Hanna, City Manager of Denison.

Both options would only cost a household a few extra dollars a month.

"We think, I certainly, think its an affordable program. What council has to balance is the reality that there are people in the community that a dollar extra per month is a lot," explains Hanna.

The people we talked to said it would be worth the extra few dollars.

"Oh yeah, I would (pay it)," says McGirk.

"I probably would," says Bill Holie of Denison. "We just don't need to fill up the landfills any more."

And other people in Texoma like the idea of recycling.

"In Bonham we don't recycle but I do like to recycle. I think it's important," explains Trenna Furrh from Bonham, TX.

"Just for the environment, just for the environment," says Katie Broughman of Sherman, TX.

The bins for recycled items would be given to you free of charge.

"We are looking at a 96-95 gallon container. It's a big container. We are also going to have smaller containers available for people that may be elderly or have difficultly getting around," explains Hanna.

"It's a lot of work but they give them different trash cans at home," says McGirk.

We will let you know of the City Council's decision as soon as the information becomes available.