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Teenager Killed In Wreck Near Dickson Football Game


DICKSON, OK -- Teenagers are grieving after an accident killed one of their classmates and left several others injured.

Flowers outside of Faith Southern Baptist Church on Highway 199 mark the spot where a fun night at the Dickson High School football game ended in tragedy.

A car full of teenagers crashed into a pickup truck around 9:40 p.m. on Friday, killing high school student Rayshell Hunter, 16.

"I actually just moved schools and she was the one when I saw her who was still there for me, she'd make me smile everyday," says friend Alexis Campbell.

Friends say that they had seen the girls at the football game and they had left the game and were traveling down the highway when the accident happened.

"When we got there, it was some pretty major impact and there was several people pinned in the car and we had to do an extrication on them," says Dickson fire chief Troy Duke.

"I just heard a bunch of cops started leaving from here from the game and we didn't know what was going on and we passed a wreck on the way to Ardmore," says witness Richard Barnard.

After seeing the crash, some turned to Facebook to find out what had happened. Three helicopters landed to transport those injured in the car.

"The silver car was smushed, the whole side," says witness Treasure Hunter. "The Chevy, the glass was all out of that car and it was flipped over on its side and the wheels were kind of like turning."

As residents returned to the football field for youth games on Saturday, the announcer took a moment during the prayer to remember the accident victims, as many took time consider what could have been.

"It's hard, knowing she could be lost that fast," says Campbell. "Taking everything for granted, I mean it hit a bunch of people I know, that you don't know what's going to happen."

According to a statement from Dickson police Sgt. Joey Applegate, the driver Chelsi Gunsolus along with Moriah Lopez, 15, and Faithland Piggee, 19, were taken to Oklahoma City with serious injuries. Applegate says the truck was driven by Stealey Brown, 17, of Overbrook. Two other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction were also involved in the accident and the cause is under investigation.