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Tishomingo Residents Water Restored


TISHOMINGO, OK -- Clayton Pryor runs the barber shop in Tishomingo, and says for the second time this week, he's been without water.

"I believe it was Tuesday about 2 PM I closed because I didn't have any water, and I didn't open up this morning"
A main water line that broke on the northwest side of town that supplies the towns water towers,  caused the whole town to go without water again today.  Just this past Tuesday, the town also lost water due to another water break caused by construction.  
"I usually open at 7:30.. But it was 11 before I got in."
With the entire town out of water, area restaurants were forced to close.  Losing business and sending customers somewhere else.
"It's horrible..  It is so horrible.  Our customers are used to coming here everyday and with us having to close, it's bad for business." says LaToya Yates.
City officials say they received notification around 3am this morning of a possible water break.  By 8 AM, city workers had located the break and started repairing the busted water line.  Local stores say demand for water has been high, and they only expect more people to come in.
"It went off a couple of days ago and we sold every gallon of water we had." says Renee Lewis
The city says the break today was caused by an old out of date water network in need of repair.  Thanks to a three million dollar grant, by December of this year the city will begin replacing close to forty thousand feet of water line.
"What we'll also be doing is increasing our number of valves throughout the systems to isolate the water leak area to a smaller area so that when something like this happens, maybe the northwestern part of town would be without water, but the rest of the town would have water." says Tishomingo City Manager, Jack Yates
Local restaurants remained closed this afternoon, and for the second time this week, are ready to reopen.
"They better get it back on today!" says LaToya.