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Wife says there's hope for husband that has West Nile


ARDMORE, OK -  KTEN talked with the wife of an Ardmore man who is currently battling West Nile and a local organization of young people that has stepped in to support.

Shelba Rayburn said that for two weeks she watched as her husband who was an active outdoors man and golfer start to get tired, not spend much time outside, and stop eating. What she did not know was that her husband had west Nile.

A local organization of young students is stepping in to help as this wife prays for her husband's recovery.

The West Nile Virus has hit Texoma in alarming numbers. Shelba Rayburn says that although her husband has west Nile, he is fighting a good fight and there are brighter days ahead.

Like many others, Rayburn and her husband Glendal Rayburn did not know the signs of West Nile and thought that her husband had suffered from a stroke.

On Saturday Plainview's 4-H, a youth development organization, will sponsor a bake sale for Mr. Rayburn whose granddaughter is a part of the organization.

The young members of 4-H, say it is important for them to spread the word about West Nile and also do good in the community by helping others.

The benefit fundraiser for Mr. Glendal Rayburn will take place this Saturday at the Tractor Supply Store on Commerce Street in Ardmore starting at 10 a.m. You can show your support by buying some delicious baked goods or by leaving a donation for the Rayburn family.