MDA Lock Up Brings "Inmates" In - - No One Gets You Closer

MDA Lock Up Brings "Inmates" In


ARDMORE, OK -- Some well known faces in Ardmore faced "jail time" Wednesday.

It was all in good fun, and for a good cause. The Muscular Dystrophy Association held their annual MDA Lock Up in the Ardmore area.

Warrants were issued for members of the community. The were arrested and taken to Budro's Rib Joint. Inmates then had to call friends and family for their bail money.

Of course, all of the money collected goes to the MDA and stays local.


"My area that I cover, I have about 400 families and a lot of them, they aren't able to work because of their condition, so getting them in to see our doctors is very important for their continued health," MDA Director Daniel York explained.

York says the Lock Up raises around $25,000 annually in Carter County. The money is used for research and treatment.