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Two Men Escape Pontotoc County Justice Center


ADA, OK -- A jailor becomes an inmate after admitting to intentionally allowing two inmates to escape from the Pontotoc County Jail. It's a state of the art facility designed to keep inmates in, and it was no malfunction or accident when two men got out.

"All of our locks are operated manually from the control room and she was the control room officer last night and she pushed the buttons to allow these two inmates to leave our facility," said Sheriff John Christian.

The sheriff says Jerriana Kindrick has an excellent record as a jailor that goes back years, but just five months into her employment with Pontotoc County, he believes she gave into temptation.

"I can't prove it, and certainly this is going outside of any evidence I have, but possibly, monetary gain was involved," said Christian.

Mark Matthews has a history of burglary and theft charges. Johnny Brown's wrap sheet includes drug charges and armed robbery. Having the two on the loose makes Ada business owner Charlotte Stephens more than uncomfortable.

"It's a little scary knowing that there's people out on the loose like that, especially owning a business, you're thinking robbery. You want to get in real quick and turn on the alarms for the night," said Stephens.

Sheriff Christian says residents should be wary and call local law enforcement if they think they've seen either men.

"I certainly think that they can be dangerous. They're on the run; they've escaped from jail. They'll have new charges when they come back, they'll still face the charges they had, so I would consider anybody in that position as being dangerous," Christian said.

Stephens trusts the sheriff's office to take care of business.

"I really have confidence that him and his deputies will get these guys pretty quick."

Kindrick is currently being held at the Pontotoc County Jail on $100,000 bond. Warrants have been issued for both Brown and Matthews. Neither will be granted bond.