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Apartment fire leaves several people in Sherman homeless


SHERMAN, TX -  Fire swept through the Hunnington Apartments on 1417 and Taylor Street in Sherman today destroying several units.

At least 17 people were told they can't go back to the homes they left this morning after fire damaged or destroyed 16 apartments.

No one was hurt in the fire.. But now 15 families are left to figure out what to do next.

It was an emotional day, for almost twenty people when they returned home to find their building ruined.

"At least we're safe," said resident Shelby Haughee.

" I work at night at Wilson and Jones, I usually wake up around seven o'clock, if I was here today, I would have been sleeping through it," said Tommy Barker another resident.

Fire officials say shortly after two thirty this afternoon, flames took over building five. Eight apartments were destroyed  and eight others were damaged.

"It's a matter of putting out the flames and going in after that and going in and investigating the cause of the fire," according to Sgt. D.M. Hampton of the Sherman Police Department.

High winds helped the fire spread quickly, as five different fire departments helped Sherman fire fighters battle the blaze.

"My understanding is the fire spread from one floor to the next which makes it difficult and we have a pretty steady wind out here which I am sure is causing some problems for them and they are doing the vest that they can to get out here and put this thing out," said Hampton.

Although fifteen families are without homes, many of the residents told us that they are grateful to be alive and that no one was hurt.

"I'm good, lucky, relieved that it wasn't worse than what is was," said resident Tommy Barker.

The Red Cross was on site to help residents that are left without homes. Again fire fighters say it is not safe to go into the building tonight because the building may end up collapsing.

The Grayson County Fire Marshal will help the Sherman Fire Department with the investigation.