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Fallen Soldiers Memorial Stops in Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK -- The "Remembering our Fallen" traveling memorial stops at the Ardmore Convention center this week. On opening day, many of the visitors were veterans themselves who remembered their time serving.

"He challenged each of us to decide which part of that stagecoach was most important. The real answer is, there's not one piece of that stagecoach. Each and every piece of that is extremely important, so every one of you, even if you're a private, or whatever your rank is, remember, you're always extremely important," Veteran Fielding Grigsby said of a former commander whom he still speaks with.

It's been fifty years since Grigsby was active military, but he still remembers the lessons learned and friends made in the Oklahoma National Guard and the United States Air Force, so he and his wife came to honor the fallen of this generation's war.

"My family has a long history of military. My grandfather was military; my father was career military; my brother is in the military today. I was in the Navy. We're strong military supporters and this is another way to support the military," explained Convention Center manager Marty Auten.

When the opportunity came to display the memorial in Ardmore, Auten knew he wanted to show it.

"Seeing the pictures makes it more personal. Seeing them as a family member with brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers- you realize that these are more than just soldiers," said Auten

For Grigsby, age nor branch of service matter. They are all brothers.

"Being in the military immediately took the I and me out of me and made me a part of we and us. It's amazing how that's driven my whole life and I've really enjoyed it," said Grigsby.

The memorial is open at the Ardmore Convention Center 10 AM to 7 PM through Saturday, September 29.