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Yellow Jackets Make Some Changes


DENISON, TX -- The Denison Yellow Jackets are currently winless. And with the start of district play fast approaching they need to get on the winning side of things...quickly. Coach Rogers is ready to make some changes in order to do that.

The Yellow Jackets have started out the 2012 season 0-3. That is clearly not how they hoped to start. Head coach Chad Rogers believes focus is a key to success and the Yellow Jackets just haven't had any.

"Well we lost our focus. Why? I don't know. We've got to be able to go out and make plays. And quit enjoying it because we just made a couple good ones. We got to continue to make them every single time," Rogers said.

Winning a game isn't just about how you play under the Friday night lights, it's about how you prepare in practice throughout the week. For Coach Rogers and his players, the preparation is just as much mental as it is physical.

"We've got to start changing the way were mentally practing. If we keep practicing the way we've always been mentally practicing were going to keep getting the same results. So we'll try to step it up a bit and a majority of them are responding," Rogers said.

"After every practice we evaluate it. Some days we'll come out here and coach will tell you, ya'll just came out here and ya'll just wanted to get practice over with. But were trying to have practice where were looking to get better. We have that goal. I want to get better at this today. I want to get better at that today. And that's our goals from now on," Senior quarterback Clifton Hines said.

Coach Rogers has already begun to implement some changes throughout the Yellow Jackets practice regimen.

"Make it more intense. Make it more consequential. Where they have a consequence if they don't execute and make it the way its supposed to be," Rogers said.

"For every turnover I do I have to read a chapter in this sports book, a sports psychology book and write an essay over it. And that ain't too much fun so, I'm pretty sure I'll take more care of the ball now," Hines added.