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Multi vehicle accident kills 3 people in Colbert, OK


COLBERT, OK - Colbert Police and OHP are investigating a multi vehicle accident that killed 3 people Friday on Highway 69/75 near the exit for 91.

The accident happened around 3:30 Friday afternoon just south of the Colbert exit for Highway 91, near the Oklahoma Welcome Center.

"I just happened to glance in my rearview mirror and I saw what looked like a bus and I saw it on end and it was tumbling across the southbound lanes and into a ditch." said an eyewitness.

Late Friday afternoon a major accident involving 2 semi trucks and a retirement home van took the lives of 3 people.

"The bus had 7 passengers in it, 3 of which are fatalities, 4 are injured." said Colbert Police Officer, Tim McEachern.

"The van and one of the semis collided causing the van to go off on the west side of the roadway and overturn a few times." OHP Trooper, Scott Hampton said.

Colbert Police, OHP, Sherman and Denison fire responded to the scene on Highway 69 just south of the Colbert.

Investigators say 2 passengers were thrown from the retirement home van, one died instantly and 2 others died later.

"All the others were basically just thrown around inside the van, not sure how serious their injuries are at this point, but there were several that were serious." Hampton said.

OHP and Colbert Police were out on the scene for more than 5 hours, and southbound traffic was down to one lane.

"We've sent our reconstruction unit out here, they will be doing a laser diagram of the accident, we will then place the vehicles back on this scale measurement and try and put the pieces together coupled with interviews and come to a resolution of what happened." said Hampton.

Colbert Police say there may be a fourth fatality to add to that list.

The passenger that was flown to Plano Medical Center is in critical condition and may not make it.