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A father speaks out after his son is found murdered in Hugo


HUGO, OK - A father is looking for answers after his son was found dead in a Hugo neighborhood.

"He was a good person, and he didn't deserve this."

On Sunday morning Tony Jackson says he got a knock on the door that no father ever wants to get.

"I really don't know what happened. The preacher came and got me and told me they had found my son dead, so I come over here and seen him laying on the ground and that's all I know." said Jackson.

Jones' body was found early Sunday morning between the church and his cousin's house.

His father says he has seen him the night before getting ready to go somewhere.

He says he believes he was running from someone trying to make it to this trail that leads home just across the street.

"There's no place on God's earth for people like that, when a person trying to run for their life and you still kill them.. Ain't no place in society for them." Jackson said.

Jackson says his son was getting his life back on track and working, when it was tragically cut short.

Neighbors say they think he had gotten into a confrontation at the club just around the corner from the neighborhood at the corner of Lowrey and Broadway.

"Right now OSBI agents are tracking down people who knew Mr. Jones and might have an idea what might have happened to him Saturday night or Sunday morning that led to this homicide." said OSBI's Jessica Brown.

Hugo Police won't say much, except that Jones was shot, and finally fell down and died in this grass outside his cousin's house.

"I want justice to be served on him, if they ever find out who done it, I want him to take the consequence." said Jones' cousin, Alex Johnson.

"I'm feeling real bad, I just want them to find whoever done this, cause that was my oldest son and I loved him." said Jackson.