Fiesta Oklahoma Hits Ardmore Main Street Saturday - - No One Gets You Closer

Fiesta Oklahoma Hits Ardmore Main Street Saturday


ARDMORE, OK -- As the temperatures drop, the fun heats up on the downtown streets of Ardmore for Fiesta Oklahoma. The multicultural celebration boasts a line up aimed at giving something to everyone.

"We've got all kinds of entertainment for all kinds of musical tastes- Hispanic Music, Native American music, American rock and roll, rhythm and blues, just all kinds of stuff," organizer Billy Bean said.

Because the outdoor festival is aimed at entertaining everyone, the kids were not left out of the planning.

"They've got a carnival and balloon rides and the blow up toys, just a bunch of stuff- a train to take them around Fiesta- it's going to be great. Ronald McDonald is coming to visit them. It's going to be wonderful," Bean said.

The celebration is about more than food and entertainment. The Main Street Authority hopes it is a way to expose visitors to the progress being made in the downtown area.

"Well, it exposes them to downtown Ardmore. If the downtown people- if they will open their doors, which they will, the people will respond; there's no doubt," said Bean.

Part of the progress is meeting goals, and for the Main Street Authority, this was a big one.

"Ardmore has been wanting something like this for a long time. This year, thanks to McDonald's, Fiesta is here. So this one, this is going to be three times as big as last year. It just gives people exposure, not only to downtown Ardmore, but to Southern Oklahoma in general."

While the day will be about entertainment, you can't leave out a little enterprise.