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Sherwood Shores remembers 9/11


GORDONVILLE, TX - The 11th anniversary of 9-11 was recognized across Texoma today in different ways.

"We need to remember that freedom is not free, that it has enemies and will continue to have enemies every generation." DF

September 11, 2001. Ask any American where they were that fateful day, and chances are, they remember it in great detail.

"I knew then that we had been attacked, our country was under attack." said Mary Burcham.

"Then the second plane hit, and then we knew of course that it was not an accident." Pastor David Frierson said.

It's been 11 years to the day since the 9-11 tragedy, and though we've moved on, the images are forever burned in our minds.

The day that took so many lives, changed the rest of our lives, forever.

"We stood still that day, I mean our lives were just standing at a stand still. We didn't do anything. We had no business what so ever." Burcham said.

And so communities like Sherwood Shores want to make sure that we never forget, and more importantly, that we pass the story on to our youth, that freedom isn't free.

"It is important that our children know that we've got to be ever vigilant against those that don't care about our country, and don't value the things that we value, and we need to protect it, it's a great lesson for them, and a great lesson that Americans need to stand together in times of adversity." said Texas State Representative, Larry Phillips.

On Tuesday night, police, fire fighters and community members gathered at the Sherwood Shores Chapel on Hillcrest Circle, to do just that.