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Hearing Held in Marshall County Knife Fight Case


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A December, 2011 knife fight left two men injured. Tuesday, a hearing was held in Marshall County Court.

Anthony Mericle was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Witnesses took the stand and described the fight that took place near Caney Creek south of Kingston, OK.

Prosecutors originally expected Mericle to agree to a plea deal that included restitution for Johnny Tavares who was critically injured in the incident.

As the court proceeded, attorney Eric Jones explains that things changed.

"He wanted to enter a no-contest plea and he wanted to fight the restitution, and my client had been pretty grievously injured and had a lot of medical bills and personal issues," Jones said.

Mericle claims he acted in self-defense. He sustained wounds to his arm, face and back.

Tavares has scars on his throat, back, arms and hands.