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Katy Antique Station in Denison scheduled to be torn down


SHERMAN, TX - After a long process tonight, city council members voted to allow the demolition of the historic Katy Antique Station.

The Katy Antique Building has been at the center of a controversy ever since it was damaged by a construction crew that was removing its east side loading dock.

The owner says repair efforts were put on hold while the insurance claim was in the works.

Then, before the repairs were done, more of the structure came toppling down, and the cost of repairs went up.

The owner says it now makes more sense to tear the building down.

The historical Katy Antique Station, originally known as the Waples Platter Building, was built in 1874 and served a hub for trading that led to a lot of development of the city of Denison.

The building is badly damaged and part of it has collapsed in the past few years.

Tonight city council members accepted an agreement with the owner to destroy the building.

City officials say it's cheaper to demolish than repair it, but not everyone agrees.

"It's still going to cost us money in the long run because of our historical significance of Denison, it's to bring tourism and people like to look at old buildings." said Bonnie Scranton.

City Manager, Robert Hanna, says they should have a contract awarded for the demolition by November 1st.