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Football Returns to Tioga after 50+ Year Absence


TIOGA, TX -- Tioga, Texas is right smack in the middle of a football hot bed. For the past 50 plus years the town has been starving for a high school team and now the dream has come true.

The town of Tioga is about to enter into a new era: an era of football.

The small Texas town has been without the sport for many years but head coach David Gage and his Tioga Bulldogs are about to change that.

"We're very excited because this is a hot bed of football. Pilot Point, Celina, Collinsville, Valley View, Gunter; the schools all around, so were right in the middle of this," said Gage. "So, this community really wants football. And the school needs football."

Tioga's junior varsity team is made up of nine total players. Some of whom have never played a down of football in their life.

"The real challenging part is just trying to teach them how to play football. Sometimes that gets lost in the new school, stadium and all that. But the biggest challenge is trying to teach these kids to play football," added Gage. 

There are a few players who have played before and they are now the leaders.

"It's kind of like being a coach, sort of," said running back Austin Sprabary. "You got to show them how and kind of coach them. Its a lot of fun."

"Sometimes it's hard because you have to get them out here and motivated to work. It's like you got to keep your right eye on them. Make sure there not goofing around and getting in trouble with the coach," added center Aaron Harp. 

The Bulldogs have put together a schedule of six games for their upcoming inaugural season.

"We play Savoy, St. Joe, we picked up a school that was willing to drive this far, it's a private school, Granbury Cornerstone, who's a very good program. So they were willing to come and do a home and home with us. So that's our six games," said Gage. 

The Tioga Bulldogs will play their first game Thursday night at 6 from their brand new football stadium.

Now after being without football for more than 50 years there is no doubt that the community of Tioga and the players are ready for kickoff.