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Howe Students To Use IPads In Class

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HOWE, TX -- School officials say they have found a new way to keep students engaged by using iPads, and now they are giving them to every student in the grade.

A wireless network was installed at Howe High School this summer, and on Wednesday, teachers distributed iPads for all the new ninth grade students.

"I got the Pad 3 and it has a camera and it has these really cool case with a keyboard," says student Ethan Heilman. 

The entire freshman class of 91 students is getting the iPad, and they will be able to access textbooks for biology, algebra, and geometry.

"It'll be a lot easier than having to carry a huge textbook home every day," says student Jessica Doty.

The kids got to unwrap and look at the iPads and write their name on the case on Wednesday, and hear about some of what they will be using them for. "We're going to take a bunch of our notes in them for vocabulary," says student Allison Streetman. "They have a little notecard, flashcard app."

Many of the current ninth graders are already used to using technology at school, because when they were in fourth grade, they got laptops.

"The laptops are kind of hard to carry around because they are so big and bulky and these are slimmer and they're easier to handle," says Streeman.

Now teachers are considering different ways they will be able to use the iPads to help students learn. "We're looking at things like surveys where the teachers can ask questions, and the kids can see their real-time data come back," says principal Michael Smiley.

By learning to take better notes and use the newest technology, Smiley says these students will be better prepared to go to college and succeed in the workplace.

"We've got young kids out there learning how to use their mom's cell phones already," Smiley says. "This is just putting it in their kids hands, so they're experienced with it, and it's not just new to them. We want them ready for the new world that we're facing."

Each iPad and case costs $600 so they're warning the kids to be very careful. Parents first have to sign a sheet and then the kids will be able to take the iPads home for homework, and they will be able to use it for non-school applications as well, under certain guidelines they are being asked to follow.