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Grayson County Burn Ban Lifted, State Rules Still in Place


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- After more than a month, Grayson County Commissioners are lifting the burn ban, but that doesn't mean you can burn whenever you'd like. There are still some outdoor burning rules that must be followed.

"We only put a burn ban in place if there are drought conditions and we've been blessed with rain lately," says Sarah Somers, Grayson County Emergency Management.

The county's drought index is currently under 600, leading authorities to allow outdoor burning. But there's a catch.

"Even though there isn't a burn ban in place, there's a law that restricts certain ways you can burn," says Somers.

The State of Texas has enacted year round rules to tell you what time of day and in what conditions you are allowed to burn.

"You can't burn anytime, anywhere, anyhow," says Somers.

You are allowed to burn an hour after daybreak and must be finished an hour before dusk. Plus wind must be at least six miles per hour, but not more than 23 miles per hour.

"It's hard for people to understand, what the heck, why can't I burn if the wind isn't six miles per hour, but part of it is so the smoke dissipates," says Somers.

There are officers regulating illegal burning.

"People aren't intentionally breaking the law, but it's important to remember even if we're ignorant of a law, we're still responsible for following it," says Somers.

And with Labor Day weekend around the corner, local fire departments want to remind you to be extra careful and make sure to properly extinguish campfires.

"And remember if things get out of control and negligence can be shown, you can still be responsible for any damages," says Somers.

The county burn ban will be lifted Tuesday at midnight.

For more information on the state's outdoor burning rules click on the link.