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Oklahoma Insurance Department Answers Questions for Calera

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CALERA,OK --  People in Calera are still dealing with the after-math of a severe storm that blew through their town more than two weeks ago.

Several people went to City Hall this morning to meet with representatives of the Oklahoma Insurance Department to get their questions answered regarding their damage and insurance claims.

Amanda Riddle a field representative for southeastern Oklahoma Insurance Department says the most common question is how long adjusters have to return a claim.

"I think a lot of it, with a lot of consumers are, they are in their home .. their homes are damaged and have tarps over it and there's leakage. Their wanting their checks and money that they've paid insurance for so they can fix and repair the damage that's been done to their home," says Riddle.

"It's understandable to be frustrated," says Riddle but 30 days is the amount of time your insurance can take to answer your claim.

If you have your own questions regarding your insurance you can contact Amanda Riddle with the information provided below.

"We want consumers to know, but also our agents, and all the entities that we regulate that we are here for help and we are always available for comments and questions. We have an Oklahoma Insurance hotline that can be called. They can always visit our web site at www.oid.ok.gov and get in touch with us that way," says Riddle. 

Amanda Riddle
Field Representative

Office: 405-420-5398
Email: amanda.riddle@oid.ok.gov