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North Texas Meth Ring Busted


PLANO, TX -- After a two-year investigation, federal prosecutors say 30 people are now charged with distributing methamphetamine throughout North Texas.

Authorities say the ringleader of the group distributing "ice" methamphetamine from Mexico is Jesus Maya, 22, of Dallas, who they have prosecuted before. Now they've arrested him again, along with 27 others.

"We're quite confident today that the law enforcement activity that took place this past week has crippled the Maya organization," says U.S Attorney John Bales. "The agents and officers have worked tirelessly for the past two years targeting the Maya group."

Bales says the group has operated across the area including Grayson County. One of the suspects, Isidro Villanueva, 34, of Kaufman, is being held in the Grayson County Jail on a drug possession charge. His bond was set at $10,000.

Most of the suspects are from Dallas and Greenville, and many were arrested in the past two days after being formally charged with a grand jury . Three men have not yet been caught, authorities said.

"The way the Mexican methamphetamine is coming into the country is it comes from Mexico to Dallas and from Dallas, it just branches out into all the surrounding communities, Grayson County being one of them," says prosecutor Maureen Smith.

Smith, who works out of Sherman, will be in charge of building the case which involves many different agencies and suspects. "Maureen's job will be to marry all that up, establish the conspiracy, and move forward with the prosecution," says Bales.

Prosecutors say the suspects sold millions of dollars worth of meth, which they believe came originally from the La Familia and Knight Templar cartels in Mexico.

"They're targeting small-town America mainly because it's very small, very remote," says ATF agent Charlie Smith. Bales told reporters that the plan now is to continue the investigation including taking it to Mexico.

If the suspects are convicted of distributing meth, they face 10 years to life in prison, and Smith says any trials would be held in Sherman.