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Mayes Elementary prepping for new school year


DENISON, TX - A Denison elementary school will be busier than usual when classes resume next week. The student population at Mayes Elementary is about to double.  About 200 students who used to go to Layne Elementary are making the move following the closing of that school.  Teachers from Layne will also be joining Mayes staff.  With all these new adjustments, the principal of Mayes says he's excited, but anxious to see how the school year goes.

We have many of the same feelings and emotions that the boys and girls do and how's it all going to work out," said Brent Hoy, Mayes Principal.  We're coming from small schools now in a large school.  What does that mean, the way we do business, how does that mean the way we need to do business with the kids?"

I think that's the really good thing about working as an educator is that every year is a new start," said Clelia Pena, Teacher.  "So, it's never boring, always something new."}

The physical facility at Mayes Elementary has also been expanded to provide more classrooms and new technology to accommodate all the new students.