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Lack of Funding Closes Popular After School Program


DENISON, TX -- Officials with Grayson County's Salvation Army have made the unfortunate decision to close it's after school program at the Boys and Girls Club in Denison. Without the public's help, come Monday, 75 students will have to find some place else to study.

"Some kids need this. Some kids don't have any where else to go and this is the best place for them," says Ike Hall, father of seven and Salvation Army volunteer.

Next week, 75 students in the Denison area will have no place to go after school.

"It's going to be devastating for me because I really depend on it," says Hall.

Hall looks to the organization's Boys and Girls Club for after school tutoring for his seven children.

"My kids look forward to coming up here and getting help with their homework," says Hall.

Salvation Army staff say it's difficult to tell him that his kids will have to go someplace else for homework help.

"We love this program. We see results with the kids," says Larry Pascal, Unit Director, Salvation Army.

Lack of funding and donations for this program has put the Salvation Army in the red.

"What we need to continue this program going is $80,000. This is what the program has cost us," says Major Don Wildish, Salvation Army. 

So for now, staff has shut it down.

"We have looked to the families to pay a portion of this money, but they are just unable to pay the full price of what it is," says Major Wildish.

Local families have two other options for after school programs. The Boys and Girls Club of America in Denison and Sherman.

"We are referring them to the other Boys and Girls Club," says Pascal.

But unlike the Salvation Army, those programs don't provide transportation from school to the facility, putting another strain on families.

"A lot of parents depend on us to pick up their kids while they are at work," says Hall.

The hope is that the community steps forward and donates, so that the Salvation Army can re-open it's after school program. Providing a better future for local students in need.

"To me it's very important that community comes out and supports us any way you can so we can re-open these doors for the kids," says Hall.

If you would like to help fund this after school program contact the Grayson County Salvation Army at (903) 868-9602.