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Bryan Co. Woman In Hospital After Storm


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A woman injured in a storm that swept through Calera is being treated in a hospital as her family assesses the damage.

Elouise "Connie" Jackson sustained critical injuries after her home was pushed across the property on Pate Road on Sunday evening.

"My father-in-law was out on the front porch and he saw the wind rotating, and he tried to get inside, but by that time the house had started to lift and fall," says relative Shannon Giles, who rushed to the scene from a visit to the Oklahoma panhandle after hearing about what happened.

Jackson, a Calera school custodian, was found under some rubble with her face in a puddle, and taken to Baylor Hospital in Dallas in critical condition. Giles says Jackson, her husband Harold, son, and his wife and two boys were just sitting down to dinner when the storm came through and destroyed the house.

"They all went into the hallway to get in safety. He was not able to make it that far. He got to the kitchen counter and the house went up in the air completely," says Giles. "Harold was able to free himself and grab my oldest nephew and throw him to the ground and get him to safety."

Not one piece of the house is left standing where the foundation was. The garage where the cars sit was also destroyed and pieces were pushed into the field next door.

"Right now it's a touch and go situation. We're just praying that she's going to be okay," Giles says.

Next door, Wayne Pate surveyed the damage of his daughter's trailer, which was also blown clear off its foundation. He says she heard about the bad weather, and was inside his brick house on the property when the storm hit and threw a branch right through the front window.

"Every time the storm comes up she comes over and stays at our house, because she's afraid of that trailer. That was a good thing," Pate says.

Giles says the Jackson family does not have insurance and an account has been set up at First United Bank for donations. Family members were taken to three different hospitals and some have been released.