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GAPS taxes postponed again in Carter County


CARTER COUNTY, OK -- County wide GAPS taxes have been tabled by the Carter County Commissioners for the second time this summer.

First postponed back in July, the commissioners were unsure if county-raised taxes could be used non-county purposes like GAPS. GAPS was originally started to point out and raise taxes for problem areas in the city of Ardmore. But over the past several years, the scope has expanded to the larger Carter County area.

"Two out of the four dealt with the county. One of them was the university center, they wanted to see that expanded, and the YMCA, to see that expanded and rebuilt. And then the second thing was dealing with schools," said Jessica Pfau of the GAPS Steering Committee.

A sales tax would go to all of the county schools for school supplies and other equipment, based on the number of students at each school. A separate property tax is also proposed, which would go towards the University Center of Southern Oklahoma and the YMCA for those organization to build new buildings.

"The Science and Health Center would house the nursing program. The nursing program's currently occupied in a renovated old grocery store near downtown, and they need to move out of that space," said Steven Mills, director of the University Center of Southern Oklahoma.

The county commissioners still have questions that need to be answered though, among them, a specific location for the new health and sciences building. The school will hold a vote to officially approve the suggested location, just to the north of the existing campus.

"So that if a student, for instance, had a science class in one building and then maybe an English class or a history class in the existing facility, if they were back to back, they'd be able to make it," said Mills.

The GAPS Steering Committee is working to answer all of the county's questions in time for their meeting next Monday, as it will be the last one before the state's ballot deadline of August twenty-second.

"We're just asking at this point for the County Commissioners to put it on the ballot so that the members of the Carter County community can vote," said Pfau.